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teaching is your passion

helping children

It doesn’t matter if you are teacher or a student. Maybe you have some experience as a tutor. The children only need your passion for helping them to acquire basic German skills. Are you interested in helping our young generation? Then sign up below!

Project Description

Sharing your skills


You will support Ukrainian children picking up some German. It means that you can help them to learn simple phrases and how to communicate in German. 


If you have some experience in language teaching or tutoring, then you are ready to help. The most important thing is that you speak German and that you are motivated to support children.


Speaking German means making friends, going to school, playing together and feeling as a part of our society. Your help as a tutor creates new opportunities for Ukrainian children.

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You sign up

Filling out the form means that you are motivated to help.


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We take a look at the information that you have provided


We call you

You receive a phone call and we tell you how you can help

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Are you in Vienna and willing to spend some of your free time helping children?

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But no worries. Firstly, we will call you anyway. Then you can ask us any questions.