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Speaking German

Language connects people

If you are able to communicate with other people, then you will feel comfortable in a new country. This is especially true for children. A simple phrase such as “Hallo! Wie heißt du?” could mean making a new friend. Fortunately, children learn very quickly when we provide them the opportunities. 

Project Description

Speaking German Is Easy


As viaGerman, we started this language project because we recognized the need for it. We offer free German classes to Ukrainian children who are in Vienna.


We organize classes with tutors who are motivated to help. The tutors support Ukrainian kids to learn German on a voluntary basis. This means that the classes are completely free.


Speaking German means making friends, going to school, playing together and feeling as a part of our society. Children deserve to get a chance to have an enjoyable time in Austria.

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Let's speak German

Are you a Ukrainian child in Vienna? Then you can sign up for free! Of course, an adult can also enter his or her data for the child. If several children are registered at once, then simply note in the “Message” field. 

We use your information to find the perfect spot for you. Then we contact you by Email and you can confirm that you are still interested.