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We help Ukrainian children to learn German


The Project

Learn German

The idea was to launch an online language school. However, the very sad circumstances led us to postpone this idea. Instead we want to help Ukrainian children who had to flee from war. Therefore, we offer them free German classes. We believe that speaking a language means new opportunities. And children need opportunities. 

We are looking for tutors

How you can help

Are you motivated to support Ukrainian children in Vienna? If you have any experience in language learning, teaching or tutoring then you are welcome to take part in our project. Just sign up and we will contact you.



Who we are

There has been the idea to establish an online school for learning German. However, the very sad circumstances led us to adapt our plans. Consequently, we thought that helping Ukrainian children is more important than our language school at this moment. 

We are a group of people who like languages and want to support children who had to flee from war. We decided to help by sharing our language skills. The German lessons are completely free. This is possible because of our motivation to provide Ukrainian children new opportunities.